Home Brewed: Brandon Fruzia’s Toyota Supra.

There is something refreshing about seeing a garage built car and when it’s well done that’s just icing on the cake! This cake belongs to Brandon Fruzia and is a prime example of what happens when one man’s determination meets a group of skilled, like-minded individuals. Its clean stock body would give you the delusion of it being a trailer queen; however that quickly fades when glancing towards the rear at a polished set of Weld RTS 15×10 wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET streets. Once keyed on, the gas combust in the cylinder and all thoughts of being stock are gone as the 4” straight pipe emits a deep throaty tone and the camshaft lopes with every rotation.

Brandon has been a staple in the Supra community in Texas for a few years now.  On any weekend you’ll find his house serving dual purpose; a pre-meet spot for automotive enthusiast friends and a stable for his 1174 horsepower beast.  I met with Brandon to discuss his build and go for a ride. After solving an elusive boost leak and making a few adjustments, we decided to test our detective work in real time.


As we leave the neighborhood the aroma of fermenting corn mash mixed with popcorn fills the air from our freshly poured ethanol blend. The sounds of the RPS triple carbon plate clutch engaging becomes less apparent while the RPM’s steadily rise entering the on ramp. We begin to enter the realm of being able to transfer power to the ground from the heated drag radials. Knowing what’s in store I begin to double check my seatbelt’s engagement. Two quick downshifts on the German-built Getrag V160 transmissions lurch the car forward and we watch the tachometer needle jump as the ProEFI 128 anti-lag settles at 6500 rpm.  A quick movement of the throttle pedal and we launch forward. The massive Gen 2 Precision 8685 turbo begins spooling causing the surrounding air to cater to the demands from the 85mm compressor wheel via a five inch intake. A quick shift up to third and the ability to lean forward is expelled. A final shift to fourth before letting off results in a blast of unburned exhaust gases exiting in a fireball behind us. The strikingly clean renaissance red Supra begins to decelerate back to normal speeds.


Sitting passenger in one of Toyota’s flagship grand touring cars is not only a privilege but also an exercise in simplicity and a showcase of analog capabilities. The engine bay is not clad in plastic protective layers nor does it require a master technician to navigate multiple ECU’s found in modern cars. The inline 6 is one of the most balanced engine platforms, and with Brandon’s addition of a fully forged bottom end and billet mains, everything is ready for battle. Aside from the waist judging Recaro seats, Nardi-Personal steering wheel and BTI gauge, the interior is relatively stock. That being said this Supra is far from boring.  Brandon has managed to taken an already fantastic performing car to the next level while leaving all the essential Toyota function and reliability in place.


Build Sheet:


Built block – billet mains, Manley 10 CR pistons, Turbo Tuff I beam rods, ½” L19 head studs, OCDworks CNC’d head,  Supertech +1mm exhaust valves,  Supertech black nitrated +1mm intake valves,  Titan 280’s 10.4mm high lift, Supertech 101 lbs dual springs, Ti retainers, shims, OEM Shimless buckets, OCDworks anodized billet cam gears, Gates Kevlar timing belt, Titan billet timing belt tensioner, Performance Motorsports modified oil pump, Imperial Werks modified timing gear, ATI super dampener crank pulley

Fabrication, Turbo, Nitrous

Marc Evans exhaust manifold, Marc Evans downpipe,  4″ Boost Logic mid-pipe, 4″ Boost Logic exhaust, Precision billet dbb 8685 1.28a/r T51R compressor housing mod , C&D compressor housing polish Shaved, smoothed and coated exhaust housing, Marc Evans  custom intake manifold, Ross machine racing 90mm TB, Dynotune custom direct port 150hp nitrous system,  Custom fabricated purge bar on IC core, Nitrous express 10lb bottle, two Tial 38mm MVS water-cooled  Waste gates, Boost Logic T6 IC 3″ in 4″ out, Tial 50mm blow off valve, 3″ custom hotside IC piping, 4″ custom cold-side IC piping, Vanjen clamps

Electronics and Ignition

ProEFI 128, ProEFI flex fuel sensor, iboost knob, bar map, oil pressure coolant pressure, fuel pressure, 2000 psi nitrous, oil temp, Pantera EFI Mercury Marine IGN-1A coils, David Awise @ D3 coil wiring harness, Saad racing billet CNC coil bracket, Magnacore 8.5mm spark plug wires, NGK BKR8EIX iridium plugs, Westco battery relocated to trunk, 150 amp breaker box, AEM air intake temp sensor MAC 4 port boost solenoid with stainless steel vacuum lines


Three walbro 400lph E85 pumps, Imperial Werks modified stock hanger -10AN to 2 -8AN fuel lines. -8an return, Magnafuel 25 micron -10AN fuel filter, Powerhouse racing -8AN fuel rail, Injector Dynamic 2000cc injectors, Weldon fuel pressure regulator


OEM Toyota V160, RPS billet triple carbon-carbon clutch, Driveshaft Shop 3.5″ chromoly driveshaft, Aluminum driveshaft adaptor plates,  Marc Evans driveshaft loop, Titan solid motor mounts, Titan solid transmission mount, Titan solid diff rear mounts, Titan weld in solid rear subframe diff mounts, Whiteline polyurethane steering rack bushings,


Griffon radiator, WOTM chrome upper radiator pipe, Powerhouse racing radiator cooling plate, MVP radiator show plate, Greddy radiator cap, Powerhouse racing lower waterneck adaptor, HKS overflow tank,  Marc Evans custom catch can/-10 lines,

Suspension and Wheels

Megan S4S coilovers, Titan adjustable sway bars front and rear ARP extended lug, Rotora slotted front rotors, Meyle custom slotted rear rotors, Hawk HPS pads front and rear, Russel steel braided brake lines, CCW polished 505A 18×10 275/30-18 r888, Weld polished RT-S rear wheels 15×10 275/60-15 mickey Thompsons pro’s


Upgraded 1998 headlights, taillights, turn signals, 6000k HIDs lows/fogs, Recaro speeds seats, Bride MO rails, Hard-wired valentine V1,  Double Din Kenwood navigation system, TRD 10k tachometer, Nardi personal steering wheel, 52mm BTI gauge.

Literature : James Elkins

Edited: Kate Callard

Photography : Minh Nguyen (Minh Nguyen Photography)

Special Thanks : Precision Turbo, ProEFI, CCW Wheels, Ross Machine Racing

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